Hit Your Next Sales Milestone Without Overworking or Annoying Your Best Customers

Attend The Sales Retreat on October 4 to grow your business in a new, more sustainable way

Who this is for:

The Sales Retreat is for business owners who are not selling as much as they want to right now and don’t want to invest a small fortune in paid ads or a full sales team.

The truth is, if your sales are down right now you likely have an issue along the relationship-process spectrum.

You either have too rigid of a process with little room for human connection and magic, or you rely too much on relationships, cutting yourself off from new clients in untapped markets.

The solution is to create a relationship-based sales process. This is the sweet spot of the spectrum where you merge the rigor and effectiveness of a great sales process with the strength and purpose of authentic relationships with your current and future customers.

And the result is a repeatable way to make more sales, in an authentic and values-aligned way.

Discover how to create your own relationship-based sales process during The Sales Retreat on October 4, 2023. 

Led by master leadership coaches Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, this workshop will help you craft your own "selling sweet spot" so you can achieve your most ambitious sales goals without burning out your best people.

To develop your relationship-based sales process, you will learn three steps:

The 3-Step Relationship-Based Sales Process:

Step 1: Pinpoint your selling bottlenecks from marketing to service delivery and determine if they're too much process or relationship


Step 2: Apply the S.A.L.E. framework you will learn in the workshop to unblock your bottlenecks and shift your selling towards the sweet spot for your business

Step 3: Craft your insights into a sales plan that you can execute with your team to start growing the very next day

Why Join the Sales Retreat? 

Without a relationship-based sales process, you're leaving valuable revenue and new business relationships on the table. 

Businesses that have a relationship-based sales process, however, grow much faster without stressing out their best people. Your team will flourish because they are supported with a winning process.

Seats are limited for the training in order to give participants a hands-on experience and plenty of attention. Don't wait and miss out.

Sign up for The Sales Retreat today. Just $997.

And if you want to invite other members of your team, get their seats at a 50% discount per additional team member.


Sign up before September 15 and get 3 weeks of additional access to Erin or Steve via Voxer walkie talkie app (Mon - Thurs every week for three weeks beginning Oct 5) to answer questions after the workshop and tweak your sales process to get it humming.

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Date & Time:

Date: October 4, 2023
Time: 11am - 3pm ET
Location: Zoom video

The Sales Retreat will be recorded, and replays will be available for 4 months. 

The Retreat Day will include

  • Opening meditation to get focused and centered for the day
  • A bottleneck assessment of your entire sales experience along the relationship-process spectrum
  • A 30-minute lunch lounger where you can either close your eyes or hang out and have a bite with us
  • A simple framework to reinvigorate your sales system and get future clients excited about your marketing and ready to buy from you
  • Time being coached by Erin and Steve and building your new sales plan so you can start using it the very next day

Your Guides

We're Master Coaches Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, and we have built a million-dollar business in three years through developing great relationships and repeat clients.  

We've learned all the sales tools and techniques out there, then thrown out the books to create an original process that results in highly aligned clients and a business we love. 

In the last two years we've supported our clients to reach milestones including:

  • Having their first 7 figure years 

  • 3x-ing their contract value

  • 5x-ing their launch revenues

  • Cutting their working hours in half

If you want more aligned clients, The Sales Retreat is for you.

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