Live A Superabound Life

Join master coaches and meditation instructors, Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, for a monthly membership devoted to depth, attunement, and fulfillment in your life and work.

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Magickal & Spiritual Lessons

Each month you will get a class or workshop focused on a magickal or spiritual idea, tool, or technique. These may include spellwork or manifestation tools.

Each magickal session (spelled with a "k" to distinguish it from illusions) is easily adaptable so you can use these with your own set of spiritual beliefs.

Meditation Practice

Join a live guided meditation session each month to help you deepen your own personal awareness practice and experiment with different methods of practice.

These meditation sessions will be recorded for you to download and keep for your personal use.

Sustaining Ritual Support For Body, Mind & Heart

We take self-investing seriously, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be fun!

Erin & Steve have a great track record of supporting folks with wellness, mindset and relationship goals (or what we call lanterns). No scolding here, just fun, smart accountability. 

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You Don't Have to Figure Out How to Create Your Magical Life From Scratch

A Note from Erin: As a Master Life and Business Coach, much of my job is helping people discover their own best way forward. Then a month ago I got a message from someone who wanted to know more specifically how I have built a life I am at home in and ended my own cycle of burnout.

I offered a vague answer, because the coach in me didn't want to sound prescriptive. However, this person pressed me until I told them my core routine.

Her response: "Thank you for making the space to tell me that this routine might not be the perfect one for me, but honestly, you have figured something out that I haven't and I would much rather start with something I know works and adapt it for myself instead of figure this out from scratch."

That conversation is why I am here offering this membership. You don't have to figure this out alone or from scratch. Let's create magic together.

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What You Get Each Month

  • At least one new ritual, spell or magickal lesson
  • At least one new meditation session 
  • Ongoing accountability for your mind, body and spiritual habits to help you self-invest
  • At least one new yoga or movement session
  • A community of like-minded folks who all want to thrive in 2024 and beyond 

BONUS: Get access to The Solo Soul Time Challenge where you will be guided to create intentional alone time and celebrated for taking time just for YOU.


What is Solo Soul Time

Only when you are alone with yourself do you finally have time to hear what is real and what matters, deep in your heart.

Our world seems to prioritize distraction, which makes spending focused alone time—what we like to call solo soul time—that much more important.

Watch the video to learn more about this idea and see why being alone is something to invest in for great returns—not just for your business, but for your life as a whole.

Superabound Life - Sample Monthly Schedule 

BONUS #1: Yin Yoga 

BONUS #2 Morning Meditation & Visionary Practice (30 min) Join Erin for a short meditation and time to connect with your Oracle. Bring something to record your insights like a journal or recording device (like a smartphone with a voice app)

Personal Filter Magick & Meditation - Learn some techniques for creating more sacred safety, better boundaries and to stop giving energy to what doesn't support you. Optional: Bring a piece of jewellery you like to wear to meditate with and "charge up" for protection 

Yin Yang Yoga - Follow Along Yoga Join Erin live or via the replay for a 1 hour Yin Yang Yoga practice. Bring your yoga mat, clothes to move in, yoga blocks and a blanket for maximum comfort at the end.

Tarot and Oracle as Personal Development Tools - Learn some basic spreads and techniques to support you as you work towards your next lantern, tend your inner flame or find out what is keeping you stuck.

 Encore Yin Yang Yoga (Follow Along) Join Erin live or via the replay for a 1 hour Yin Yang Yoga practice. Bring your yoga mat, clothes to move in, yoga blocks and a blanket for maximum comfort at the end.

NEW BONUSES - Visionary Working Sessions - Bring something you need to get done to support your next milestone and join the group for these 1 hour working sessions

Join The Superabound Life Membership Now

Your guides, master coaches and meditation instructors, Steve Haase & Erin Aquin co-founded Superabound to help business owners and leaders create a life and business that aligns with their unique vision.

They are co-authors of the upcoming book Superabound: How to Live the Life the Universe is Dreaming for You. Erin is the author of three other books and a Deep Dive Coach who brings humor, curiosity, and magic to her work with clients. Steve is a former tech executive and a musician, having led teams at high growth companies such as Shopify and HubSpot and performed for US Presidents Clinton and Bush.

They live in southern Ontario with their two young children and enjoy traveling, board games, and meditation.